RAID 0 Recovery

We recover the data from your failed RAID 0 system.  Our experience and success rate provide your best chance of moving forward from disaster mode to business-as-usual.


Quick definition: RAID 0…

…describes a combination of 2 or more hard drives with data striping as a means to improve performance.


In this example from Microsoft, four drives have been striped to provide a very fast set-up. The lettering indicates the spread of data – no duplication of data takes place and no parity. There is no redundancy in the system and all four hard drives must be working perfectly for the system to work.

Why is RAID 0 good?

The read performance can be awesome, for a two drive RAID you might achieve read-speeds up to 50% faster for certain operations.

Why is RAID 0 bad?

There is no redundancy! In spite of what the acronym suggests, there is no protection of your data. Indeed, a two drive RAID 0 is almost twice as likely to fail as a single hard drive. And if any drive in a RAID 0 stripe set fails, the whole RAID 0 becomes unusable.

What do I do if my RAID 0 fails?

Resort to your back-up. And if you don’t have a back-up, you need our specialist assistance for RAID 0 data recovery.

Power down your server and call us.

You cannot get your data back without expert knowledge and expensive manufacturer-level equipment . Don’t endanger your chances – the more you experiment with your critical data, the more likely it is you’ll lose your data permanently.

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